Don't be a Motha Judger!

Don't be a Motha Judger!

Get out and vote!   We are blessed to live in a country where our voice matters and we have the freedom to vote.   So many around the world do not have this right.  But after you vote, remember to show love even if your candidate loses.   Be humble if your candidate wins.  As women and mothers, we are judged for everything that we do.  Don't let politics divide us but let love bring us together.   Because in the end, we are all still sisters, wives, friends and we need to stand together and not judge one another.   Lift each other up.  Be the good!   Whatever you do, don't be a Motha Judger!  

Today is the release of our new "don't be a Motha Judger" t-shirt in a very soft, cardinal tri-blend.   You can find it on our website and wear it proudly to make a stand!  


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